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We're a progressive, independent, grassroots group of parents, students and ordinary citizens working to change the way teachers are hired, assigned and evaluated in Minneapolis Public Schools.

Why? Because research shows the classroom teacher is the single greatest school-based factor in a kid’s academic success. But under our current contract rules, almost all staff decisions are made according to a rigid, industrial-era seniority system that pays no attention to teacher quality, student needs, diversity or the public good.

For us, it comes down to a fundamental question of values:

Do our public schools exist first and foremost to provide kids with the best possible education with public dollars? Or to first provide jobs to adults, regardless of their performance or what students need?

In its strategic plan, the district says "Children First" is its top value. But in its actual daily behavior, as dictated by the contract, adult employment needs come first. Every. Time.

We support Minneapolis teachers and their right to collective bargaining.  But we need reforms that put kids first.

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Read more about the Contract for Student Achievement here.  We're part of a coalition of groups and individuals from all over the city pushing for change. If you want to sign up as a supporter, receive email updates, action alerts or get more involved, please register by joining our email list.


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